Garden Lighting and Electrics Cardiff



The Lighting in your garden can add that extra wow factor to a project. Using clever lighting systems we can showcase certain aspects of your garden at certain times of the night. We can use different lighting spectrums, timed delays and even install a system by which you can control the lighting from your smartphone. As well as this, lighting can be a useful security tool for your home. We work with trusted local electricians to provide all your outdoor lighting needs.






We can provide all electrical works for your garden. This could include power for water features, summer houses or garden offices. We have many years experience in installing electrical works for gardens and work closely with local electricians to ensure the highest quality at an affordable price.

A water feature in your garden can become a great focal point as well as offering a relaxing experience. We are able to install water features of all shapes and sizes, and can advise on this as a result of our extensive experience.

If you would like to find out more about our garden lighting systems or electrics then contact us today for your free consultation.